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market masters 20/20


Company Assessment

The Critical Issues Assessment is an excellent tool for gathering information to verify whether your team is in alignment. It combines a SWOT analysis with anonymous team feedback that will produce an accurate picture about where to focus your company's improvement energies as you strive to satisfy customer needs.  


Understanding the New Customer

Today's customer continues to become better informed, more demanding, shrewder and busier than ever before. This pace of change will only accelerate as technology brings the world closer together. The successful companies will support their entire team in using these tools to maximize customer focus. They will maintain an ongoing partnership with the tough new customer. 


Knowing the Real Hot Buttons

The Value-Performance Grid allows customers to provide a "weighting" factor for those issues that they value most. This maximizes the effectiveness of your assessments and helps both your marketing and sales teams in delivering exceptional results that will allow you to beat the competition! 


Being the Knowledge Source

The issue many sales people have is that they hide behind the illusory safety of features and benefits without first asking questions and having a dialogue with the buyer. To be effective, you must stop assuming you know what your potential buyer is looking for. Ask questions to learn more and build a trusting relationship as the knowledge source.  


Activate Intrapreneurship

Empower your employees with the freedom to think outside the box. You hired them for a reason, so empower them and leverage their resources! This type of approach is known as intrapreneurship, which is creating a culture of openness and creativity among your team members.  


Implementing the Plan

It's impossible to implement a vigorous growth plan without a sense of communal buy-in. Carefully review and assess progress toward key strategic goals at minimum every 90 days and benchmark against your company and competitors. Additionally, leverage your professional team (accountant, financial adviser, attorney, banker, etc.) to help support your business plan and strategic goals.