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About Us

Our Experience


Since 2000, Optim has assisted senior management in maximizing the value of their firms by facilitating the development and execution of business and growth strategies to attain their stated goals.

We have a proven track record in building start-ups and stronger companies, identifying new markets, expansion through both organic and M&A growth, and facilitating ownership transitions. 

Clients range from small family-owned firms to the Fortune 500 throughout numerous sectors.

Our Approach


 We designed a process known as Market Masters 20/20 to provide management a unique approach to review all aspects of their company and industry as needed.  The core components are focused on financial analysis, strategic issues, marketplace review and personal coaching.

Our goal is to provide a "learning" environment in which all employees function as a growth-oriented team.  We feel that personal growth directly results in organizational growth.  Coaching is a key contributor of personal growth.

Our Results


 We work on the basis of speed to the cause and speed to the resolution  whether the client is B2B or B2C, domestic or global, small or large.


We draw upon insights from having managed and owned both national and global firms.  We recognize the benefits of balancing innovation and optimization throughout the entire organization.

The proper implementation results in winning consequences whether the client's firm is  a start-up, turn-around or evolving within the traditional corporate  life cycle.

the team

Craig Palubiak




Craig has an extensive background in building start-ups, stronger companies, identifying new markets, expansion through both organic and M&A growth, and facilitating ownership transitions 

Craig was Chairman of a Monsanto spin-off, repositioning the global manufacturer of engineered equipment.  As CEO/Owner, he orchestrated the rebuilding and successful sale of a fourth generation, custom manufacturer in a market where 50% of the competition evaporated.  He oversaw growth of Enterprise Rent-A-Car's first national division (commercial leasing) as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing which grew from $5 to $300 million.

Known as the GURU OF BIZ TIPS!, Craig has delivered hundreds of workshops and presentations globally. He is an accomplished author whose publications on such topics as sales and marketing strategies, and leadership include Drive Profits Today  and Ten Tactics for Successful Family Companies.  

Craig earned his Master's degree in Business Administration in Finance and Marketing from Northern Illinois University and his Bachelor's in Business from University of Missouri.  

Randy Palubiak



As President of Enliten, Randy is the lead for Media Business Strategies and the integration of emerging video and dynamic media communication and learning solutions for corporations, associations and government agencies.

Randy has led business development and sales of Business Television (BTV) and Interactive Distance Learning (IDL) networks at Gilat MultiMedia, AT&T and Convergent Media Systems. In his career in broadcast television, Randy worked for television stations affiliated with ABC, CBS and NBC. Randy has provided guidance and services to more than 100 enterprise organizations including: Air Force, Amoco (BP), AT&T, Edward Jones Company, Hallmark Cards, Home Depot, Intel, International Monetary Fund, McDonald’s, Monsanto, Wells Fargo, The World Bank, and the Government Education & Training Network (GETN).

He is a recognized speaker and author including Digital Touch Points: How to Gain a Competitive Advantage Using Video and Dynamic Media.

Randy earned his Master’s Degree in Communications and Bachelor of Arts Degree in Broadcast Journalism at the University of Missouri.

Scott Palubiak



Scott's experience includes raising funds and positioning early stage firms such as OttoSensors, Inc., a biotechnology transfer from Case Western Reserve University. 

As Global  Vice President, General Manager of Newborn Screening and Diagnostics for Perkin Elmer Health Sciences, Scott is recognized for driving market based solutions in clinical diagnostics and screening. He routinely visits customers in such places as Brazil, China, India and Russia as he expands the company's reach. 

He has held senior management positions with Fasson Medical Products and Scientific Products (American Hospital Supply / Baxter). He is on the Board of the American Board College Medical Genetics Foundation (ACMGF). Other boards include the Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL), American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) and International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR).

Scott earned his Master's Degree in Business Administration and Bachelor of Zoology (Pre-Med) at the University of Missouri.