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Critical Alignment

Case Studies

We assist our clients by facilitating the development and execution of business and growth strategies to attain their goals. This may involve any level and/or functional area within the organization. There is little limitation to the client partnership commitment. Outside professionals will be openly utilized based on the partnership's determination. The following case studies are a very small sample.

Global Technology Company

This private company is on the forefront of its global sector yet has been struggling to generate significant new clients and revenues. Investors are becoming concerned about cash flow and employees are feeling the stress of managing growth expectations.

The first step was to complete a Critical Assessment Survey to capture the internal team member perspectives on the key issues for best satisfying current and new customer needs. The next step was to review this information as a group to reconfirm team mission and alignment. Numerous strategy sessions resulted in a modification of the company target market(s) including the appropriate sales/marketing approach "By-Title" of current and prospective clients. Revenues were positively impacted within a 60 day period.

Family-Owned Manufacturing Firm

This family company is in the process of ownership transition from the founder to his children (G2s). They are  in a rapidly changing industry that has been affected by new technological alternatives. Manufacturing costs continue to increase while distributors are demanding channel and margin protection. Credit lines have been fully tapped and several bank covenants are broken. Carrying costs are impacted by excessive and obsolete inventory, account receivables are rapidly aging, and the new information system is over budget and behind schedule. 

The goal is to stabilize the firm and to execute a 30 day, 90 day and 12 month turnaround plan. Management and key employees are accessed and assigned ownership responsibilities for identifying and immediately implementing “cash flow” enhancing opportunities. Simultaneously, strategies are developed for optimizing relationships with the funding sources, vendors, distribution channels and customers. The 30 and 90 day plans are successfully implemented. The 12 month plan to establish consistent, long-term profitability was ultimately realized.

Regional Distribution Company

This regional firm is in a deeply competitive industry where costs continue to rise as do customer demands for lower prices and quicker delivery. Management realizes that internal information must be more relevent in terms of content and timeliness for the team to make routine and critical decisions. The team modifies the newly created dashboard (flash report) numerous times over a five month period before it truly becomes the nucleus of benchmarking and communications. The Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) were ultimately divided into the ten key categories which were measured against 4 week rolling averages.

Management was able to monitor much more closely as a result of having created a dashboard that was integrated with additional metrics including inventory, orders-in-process and account receivables. Preparing an ongoing short-term budget (90 days) enabled management to not only monitor the KPIs, but also drive sales and cash flow.