Ten Tactics for Sucessful Family Companies

Family Companies

A Series of Practical Tips for Success by Craig Palubiak

The Business Person’s Handbook consists of a series of practical tips which address real world issues facing today’s business person. The purpose is to provide concise, yet thought-provoking perspectives that will lead to timely, positive solutions for you and your team. 

Sample Tips

  • Business and personal goal setting by your leadership team
  • Corporate mission and alignment to maximize your company value
  • Leveraging your org chart for both employees and family members
  • Celebrating during both your good and tough times 

Executive Testimonials

Ron Kruszewski, CEO, Stifel Financial Investment Firm 

“Every family business has its own unique dynamics. Craig does an outstanding job of addressing these difficult matters. He touches on issues that any family business owner is sure to experience and presents practical solutions that can easily be applied.”

John Tracy (G2), CEO, Dot Foods - USA’s Largest Food Redistributor 

"This handbook is a very concise and fundamental guide to improving any business, and particularly for the unique challenges associated with a family business.”  

Tom Phillips (G1), CEO & Founder, Weekends Only Furniture Outlet

“For any business, but especially family businesses, the topics Craig introduces are extremely relevant and essential to instill professionalism and achieve world class performance.  A must read!” 

Jim Forsyth (G2), CEO, Moto Convenience Stores

“Being part of a family business for 30 years, I loved reading the wisdom of your pages. You are spot on and your tips will help family businesses large and small prosper. Now that is something to celebrate!”

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