Drive Profits Today

Drive Profits Today

Timeless Sales and Marketing Tips (2018 Revised) by Craig Palubiak and Steven Palubiak

This book shares tips that will help your entire organization (the marketing and sales teams in particular) achieve your corporate goals. Each tip consists of thought-provoking questions, real-world examples, and action items that your team can implement immediately, whether you are dealing with B2B or B2C, domestic or global, small or large clients.

Sample Tips

  • Confirming team alignment with your customer(s)
  • Understanding the rapidly evolving customer(s)
  • Targeting prospects and clients by title
  • Outwitting the competition
  • CUSTOMERization results in optimal customer selection 

Executive Testamonials

Peter Desloge, CEO, Watlow Global Manufacturer 

“Written from the perspective of the CEO. A straight forward, no nonsense book filled with practical ideas that can quickly be implemented and most importantly starts with the customer. Great read for a team wanting to get aligned to grow their business.”

Michael Gallagher, Area Director, Accenture Global Consulting 

“Not often does a book of common sense come along, that is written in easily digestible and more importantly, actionable style as Drive Profits Today.”

Clayton Brown, CEO, The International Companies

“This book gives you common sense tips to help your company and employees become aligned in order to ultimately satisfy the needs of your customers and drive your company’s profitable growth.”

Lauren Herring, CEO, IMPACT Group

“The Palubiaks quickly identify critical issues for growing profitable companies whether they are regional, national or global. Successful teams are in alignment and focused on a common mission. They target the right customers and deliver the right value proposition.”

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