Digital Touch Points

Digital Touch Points

How to Gain a Competitive Advantage Using Video and Dynamic Media by Randy Palubiak

This book is designed to provide business executives vision, structure and guidance for gaining a competitive advantage via the use of video and dynamic media. It  provides executives a perspective on how digital media is impacting the enterprise space and how many companies are using technology and different media channels. And it provides practical tips and recommendations on how to leverage existing and emerging technology and methods to create enormous business value for the company.

Sample Tips

  • What media to embrace?
  • How to address the constant influx of new media?
  • How to leverage the Cloud?
  • How to manage the video and rich media content?

Executive Testimonials

David Lamb. Chief Learning Officer

Fortune 500 Companies

"We have been waiting for someone to articulate a way to use video and dynamic media to better manage globalization and technology change in the connected world.  The wait is over.  Randy Palubiak has written a book that provides executives compelling advice, innovative ideas and practical steps to accomplish their strategy."

Marv Mitchell, Senior Corporate Media Manager

"Digital Touch Points is the definitive guide for executives to traverse the exploding world of media options.  Dynamic media, delivered in any format, to any device, anywhere, anytime is a significant, strategic tool for all organizations.  This book creates a strong foundation, invaluable to executives to orm their strategic thinking."