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Optim Consulting Group clients range from the small family-owned business to the Fortune 500.
Our clients serve regional, national and global markets in a variety of industries including:

Service     -     Distribution     -     Software     -     Finance     -     Construction

Publishing     -     Education     -     Manufacturing     -     Healthcare     -     Transportation   

"Optim has guided us through the process of building a stronger team at all levels so that we can continue the process of evolving our transition from the founder (G!) to the three children (G2)."

CEO / Founder
Wagner Portrait Group

"You helped us refocus our mission and become more effective.  Your Market Masters 20/20 provided us organizational alignment internally and with our customers.  Our group took ownership and became increasingly motivated as they worked with you.  We are very happy with the results."

VP/General Manager
Enterprise Rent-A-Car

"You have had a positive impact on our bottom line.  Our team has gained new insights into our customers' needs as well as how to better respond to our rapidly changing marketplace.  You have contributed to our continuing success as the largest privately owned commercial builder in the USA."

McCarthy Construction

"We are a family-owned company.  And we are believers in Market Masters 20/20.  Our customer base continues to grow profitably as we gain a greater share-of-customers and expand into targeted niches throughout the country."

Reed Rubber Company

"Optim does not use a "cookie-cutter, one-size fits all" approach.  Rather, they start with data gathering, analysis and evaluation, before starting any implementation.  They have worked closely with us in growing our educational software company to a national base of over 400 schools."

FastDirect Communications

"Optim has assisted us in numerous aspects of our global business strategy over the years ranging from marketplace analysis to funding source issues.  They highlighted our efforts in the introduction of the international book entitled, Global Jumpstart - The Complete Resource for Expanding Small and Midsize Businesses."

Motor Appliance Corporation
Optim Consulting Group
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