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We are committed  to maximizing the value of our client's business.  We facilitate their efforts to develop and execute business and growth strategies.


Since 1991, Optim Consulting Group has assisted business owners in maximizing the value of their firms by facilitating the development and execution of business and growth strategies to attain their stated goals.  We have a proven track record in building start-ups and stronger companies, identifying new markets, expansion through both organic and M&A growth, and facilitating ownership transitions.

We designed a process known as Market Masters 20/20 to provide management a unique approach to review all aspects of their company and industry.  The core components are focused on strategic issues, marketplace analysis and personal coaching.

Our goal is to provide a "learning" environment in which all employees function as a growth-oriented team.  We feel that personal growth directly results in organizational growth.  Coaching is a key contributor of personal growth.

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